Study Days

Opening of Lova Study Day September 20, 2023

Opening of Lova Study Day September 20, 2023.
Picture by Ina Keuper

Every year a changing group of volunteers organises a Lova Study Day as a meeting for academics, students and practitioners to present and discuss recent developments in the field of feminist anthropology and gender studies. Most often the study day revolves around a theme. 

Occasionally, we also organize other seminars on urgent topics, both offline and online.  If you are interested in co-organizing an event, do get in touch!

Lova Study Day 2023 – Narrative Analysis and Feminist Anthropology

Lova Study Day 2021b – Who’s Afraid of Feminisms? Decolonizing and Queering Feminist Ethnography

Lova Study Day 2021a – Harassment in the Field

Lova Study Day 2020b – The Challenges of the Fieldworker

Lova Study Day 2020a – Feminist Canine Ethnography

Lova Study Day 2019 – Gender Moves

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